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Loot Rules


Earning DKP

  1. All characters earn their own DKP.  It can only be transferred to another one of your characters with approval from officers. This will only occur for main swaps or if a box or alt was requested to be there because of a need for that particular raid. Approved Alts and Boxes will earn DKP separately.
  2. You MUST receive approval from the Raid Leader to bring an Alt or Box onto a PA raid.
  3. You are responsible for checking and knowing your own DKP.  You overspend there will be penalties up to and including DKP reductions but initially it will be a warning. New raiders are exempt from this clause as they have no dkp and may only go negative.
  4. DKP may only be earned on Official Raid Nights
  5. Official Raid Nights are currently Sunday, Wednesday, Thursday at 8:30 Eastern Time through Kunark.  Starting in Velious raids will be Sunday 6pm eastern- 11:30pm EST, Wednesday and Thursday 8:30 - 11:30 EST, and every other Monday from 8:30-11:30.  
  6. DKP is earned at the following rates
  7. 0.5 dkp for 30 minutes at raid - 1.0 dkp per 30 minutes starting in Velious and will rise every level increase expansion there after.
  8. 2.5 DKP for attempt at new Boss mobs. - 5.0 dkp for attempt starting in Velious and will rise every level increase expansion there after.
  9. 5 DKP for first time kills of current-era Boss mobs. - 10 dkp per boss in Velious and will rise every level increase expansion there after.
  10. 1 DKP for repeat kills of current-era Boss kills. - 2 dkp per kill in Velious and will rise every level increase expansion there after. 
  11. Additional DKP bonuses may be provided at the discretion of the raid leader or loot officer
    1. Early Bird (longer raids may require pre-clearing to finish in the time frame of a raid night as a result the raid leader may award a pre-clear dkp bonus up to the amount of time spent rules however this early bird bonus does not count towards attendance.
    2. Insomniac bonus can be added for raids that go into overtime (hopefully not often) to reward those that stick around to finish the raid. This also does not count towards attendance.
    3. Maintaining a 50% or greater 30 day raid attendance for the last month of an expansion will receive a DKP bonus applied after any decays at the start of the next expansion.  This is to reward players who actively finish the expansion with the guild and not those that just start it but disappear near the end of the expansion. This value is set by the guildleader and for day 1 of Velious it will be 20DKP.  
    4. In Era Expansion Cleared Bonus: This Will not go in effect until Luclin but a bonus will be awarded for completing expansions in era. The value of this bonus will be at the discretion of the guildleader dependent upon several factors such as difficulty of expansion, how quickly the expansion was cleared, etc. Anyone who actively raided in that expansion will receive this bonus. 
  12. Waitlists – From time to time, the raid may become full, at which point the loot officer will maintain a chat channel of individuals waiting to get in. A roll call will be made at every raid dump to verify waitlist status. Waitlisted individuals may earn dkp, but are not eligible for loot.
  13. At the discretion of the Officer team, a DKP decay of up to 50% may be performed at the end of an expansion. This decision is not popular, and as such is not taken lightly.
    In the event of a DKP decay, the announcement will be made no later than two (2) weeks prior to the next expansion release.
  14. There will be a DKP decay of 50% at the launch of the Scars of Velious expansion.



  1. Vendor loot, expendable items, and tradeskill supplies will be either Randomed through loot window or sent to guild bank at the discretion of the acting master looter. Tradeable loot that is worth 1 krono or more that drops from non raid target mobs will be bid off via DKP and open to all classes since these items are obtainable in groups.  
  2. Equipment dropped during a raid will be issued via DKP.
  3. Spell Runes dropped on raid will be issued to key classes initially, then expanded over time. Class Leaders will have the ability to make the case for specific spell priorities.
  4. Key drops/Flags will be issued based on the needs of the raid or guild, and will not be charged DKP.
  5. Epic Drops Will go to those furthest along in progression.
    1. If two individuals are equivalent in progress, the quest drop will be provided to the individual with the highest 60-day raid attendance.
    2. Recruit members are not eligible for tradeable Epic drops until they become full Members. No Trade Epic drops will be provided to Recruits if no present Member needs the item in question.
    3. If an Epic drop will be used to complete an Epic quest, the drop will not be charged DKP
  6. Non-Epic quest pieces will be issued via DKP.
    1. If a multi-part quest item is won, and the quest cannot be reasonably completed within 2 expansion cycles, 50% of the DKP spent will be refunded at the winner’s request.
  7. Reserved Raid Loot - Certain Unique Items/Drops come from raid targets that offer us the opportunity as a guild to help with our progression. These items provide utility or other services that can improve the guild as a whole. These items will be defaulted for specific purposes, to specific individuals.
    1. The list of Reserved items can be found here:
      1. There are items, from now until Depths of Darkhollow, that are restricted based on guild needs
        Shield of the Immaculate(PoHate): being sold for guild bank (now open to DKP bids)
        Shield of Rainbow Hues (Cazic, Plane of Fear): Warrior, monk (now open to DKP bids)
        Plate Mold Drops in Velious (this is only until we have 4 warriors geared then they will be open to bids once the warriors are geared. This is to ensure that we are clearing content as quickly and efficiently as possible. These 4 warriors will be charged 40 DKP for this armor.  (Honestly noone should be spending a lot of DKP on these molds as they are all 1 groupable) 
        Plate Greave Molds in Velious (Clerics will have priority on these and will lock out all others as long as they bid 25 DKP or higher due to the group clicky heal that is on these pants).
        Blade of Carnage (Avatar of War, Kael Drakkal): Warrior 75 DKP awarded based off 60 day attendance. Once all Warriors have a BoC one will be claimed for the guild bank and then the rest will be DKPed off as a cash item/ twink item / agro stealing item for other classes.
        Bow of the Destroyer (Dagarn the Destroyer, NToV): Rangers only may bid but minimum bid must be 25 DKP or will open it to other classes
        Hammer of the Ironfrost (XTC, Ssraeshza): Open bids only to 200+ Smiths
        Akhevan Shadow Shears (Shei Vinitras, Akheva Ruins): Open bids only to 200+ Tailors
        Robe of Tinkering (Shei Vinitras, Akheva Ruins) Open bids only to 150+ Tinkers
        Orb of the Sky (Diabo Xi Xin, Vex Thal): Warrior Open bids
        Chaos Runes (Gates of Discord): Berserker
        Invocation of Night (Tris Wallow III, Demiplane of Blood) Necromance


Spending DKP

  1. DKP bidding is a Silent Maximum Bid. You submit a bid for what the item is worth to you, bid goes to the highest bid for that amount.
  2. Bidding Process
  3. Loot officer opens bids for specific item.

Example: (Soandso tells the raid, ‘!Bids open Cloak of Flames, tells to Soandso’)

  1. Interested parties send tells to loot officer with itemlink and amount of dkp.
    Example: ( /tell Soandso Cloak of Flames 50 )
  2. Loot officer announces bid's closed

Example: (Soandso tells the raid, ‘!Bids closed Cloak of Flames, tells to Soandso!’)

  1. Bids close, officer announces the winner, sends item to winner.

Example: (Soandso tells the raid, ‘Grats Steve on Cloak of Flames for 50 DKP’)

  1. New raiders may bid 1 DKP on equipment, even if they currently have no DKP to spend.
  2. 5 Rule – A bid of X.5 will count as a bid of X except in the case of tiebreakers, at which the .5 will be used to break the tie.
  3. Tiebreakers – In the event that two or more high bids on an item are equal, the loot officer will announce a tie. Example (Soandso tells the raid, ‘Cloak of Flames TIED, send tells’)
  4. Raiders are given the opportunity to bid higher if they believe their bid is tied.
  5. If no higher bid is made to break the tie, or if the bids tie an additional two times, the item is awarded to the individual with the most current DKP.
  6. If the tied raiders have equal DKP totals, the winner will be awarded to highest 60-Day raid attendance raider.
  7. Items that receive no bids will be Guild Banked, loot rights sold, or Destroyed.


Who can bid?

  1. Any main character may bid on and win an item if:
  2. The character is present on the raid.
  3. The character can equip the item.
  4. The character has not won the item previously (exceptions to bracers, earrings, rings they may be won twice). (This rule is to discourage people using DKP on items just to sell them. You can buy it once and sell it just know you won't get it a second time)
  5. Recruits, Inactive Returning Players, Approved Alts and Boxes may bid and win on items if:
  6. The character is present on the raid.
  7. The character can equip the item.
  8. The character has not won the item previously (exceptions to bracers, earrings, rings) (see rule 4 for further clarification)
  9. You inform the loot officer that the bid is for a recruit, returning inactive player, alt/box. example: (/tell Soandso Cloak of Flames 10 box)
  10. The highest Main bid does not exceed 5 dkp. Starting in Velious 10 dkp.



  1. Main Changes
  2. A player may Main Change to a new class at the approval of their current class leader, their new class leader and 1 officer. 
  3. The person main changing has an option they can announce the main change 3 weeks in advance of making the change official and win no loot over 10DKP for that 3 weeks and their entire DKP from their previous main can be transfered. Or they can make the change immediately and their DKP will not be transferred the new main will start from scratch.  In the circumstance of an approved box being switched to a main the DKP will be flipped if the Boxes DKP is higher than the mains as to prevent people from dumping their DKP on the old main before the switch.  
  4.  Recruits are Recruits for 3 weeks.  Inactive Returning Players are Inactive for 2 weeks before they can regain their previous status. This is to award the players that have been active recently.  Loot Priority Rules go as follows Member and Above > Inactive > Boxes = Recruits as long as the minimum bid thresholds are met. Thus if a Member bids 11 they lock out everyone below them, If inactive bids 11 they lock out everyone below them, Boxes = Recruits.   
  5. The PA Loot Rules are intended to be a guideline for raiders and leadership to follow. Like any living document, adjustments may be necessary over time. Major clause changes will be limited to expansion release windows, and will be announced publicly. Any loot changes that are as a result of direct Guild Leader intervention is exempted from this clause.

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