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Raid Rules


General Expectations

As a guild it is in each of our best interest to help each other complete quests, make groups for exp, and in general just have fun together.  However, if you intend on raiding with us there are some general expectations that you will help each other work on keys and flagging outside of raid times. It is each individual's responsibility to make sure they are completing their keys and flags on their own. Additionally it’s important that each member helps when they can to complete these keys and flags as this is the only way we will be able to raid and do content is if everyone is keyed and flagged. Leadership will do their best to organize keying and flagging events at the beginning of expansions but in the end it’s still each individual’s responsibility to complete their keys if they intend to raid.  


  1. Pay attention to raid say.  Do not speak there unless you are providing instructions for the raid in some capacity. Talk in either guildchat or private channels.
  2. While banter in discord is allowed right before encounters discord is to be clear of chatter. Discord is great for building camaraderie but during the fights it’s designed to be able to quickly relay information to those on the raid.
  3. If you choose to attend raids and don’t want to use discord then you must have an extenuating circumstance approved by the guild leader or the raid leader in these circumstances Gina will be required.  Gina is strongly recommended regardless if you use discord or not.  

Strongly Recommended

  1. Buy a shrinking item.  Shrinking is vital for getting 72 people into encounters safely.  Warriors there is the cobalt bracer, there is a shrinking wand, shrink potions, and a tinkered minimizing device out there.  If you are lucky enough to have a warrior, beastlord, or shaman in your group you are free to ask for shrinks as well. 
  2. Buy and come stocked with invis potions or a way to invis yourself.  
  3. Bots on raids are on an as needed basis and that is up to raid leadership whether they will be allowed to join.  Mains always take priority over bots unless bot is there by request of raid leadership.  (We will get all your characters flagged they can always be added into the raid to get their flags and then removed as needed.)

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