• Monday, 21. October 2019 03:12

Guild rules

  1. Have fun.
  2. We are not a PG guild. We will make fun of each other, swear, make sexual innuendos etc so while you are welcome to bring your children in the guild please be aware of the environment they will be in as we will not change who we are for them. At the same time please be aware of people in the guild. There are me, women, trans, glbt, etc. guild members to please try to be respectful to anyone that asks you to stop.
  3. That being said don’t be an asshat.  Phoenix Ascendent cares deeply about the reputation of the guild.  Remember when you are wearing our tag you are representing our guild and every member in it. If you do things that build a bad reputation you build a bad reputation for every member in our guild.
  4. It is preferred that you don’t go anonymous. If you want to hide your location or other matters please use the /roleplay option. You have our tag and we want you to wear it proudly.  
  5. Raiding is non mandatory. While we will ask in guild chat if anyone wants to join a raid we do not send tells directly to members asking if they want to join us in an attempt to make them feel guilty about not attending a raid.  
  6. If you choose to raid with us follow the raid rules.

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