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Familiarize yourself with the site. In order to maintain order and be all on the same page we look to adhere to rules. The rules are located at the top in the menu under Guild.

What is the name of the character/planned name for the character you are applying for?

What class/planned class of your character?

The guild has grown significantly from the time the server launched to now, as such, we are limiting class applications at this time. Please select the statement which most accurately discribes your application:

What (if any) previous servers have you played on? Tell us a little about your experiences.

What will you bring to Phoenix Ascendent?

What do you expect from Phoenix Ascendent?

Tell us a joke. It can be anything you want.

What other current members of Phoenix Ascendent do you know or have you grouped with?

Do you have any boxes? If so what classes and what are their names?

Casual guilds are not for everyone. Phoenix Ascendent is a casual guild that raids. You understand that while we will raid it will be at a casual pace?

If you choose to raid with us you do understand that there are expectations to work on keying/levels/flagging etc. We will have guidelines on what must be completed to raid at the beginning of each new expansion. I.E. lvl 46+ in classic, level 55+ in kunark etc and will provide a means to meet other people who share the same common goals but ultimately it is up to you to complete these requirements if you want to raid.

Is there anything else you wish to share with us or have us take into consideration when reviewing this application?
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